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Brand Forward

Who We Are

We help entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve consistent growth and sales by providing creative direction in the form of branding fundamentals pocket option english, content strategy, buyer persona creation, and product development.

What We Offer

Branding Fundametnals

We take a look at your entire company including your origin story, the products you offer, and the people you help.
From that we develop your branding fundamentals that spread across every inch of your marketing content and sales materials. This ensures your audience always understands your value and what you are offering.

Content Strategy

There are so many exciting ways to market your product in today’s world. However, the content you create must motivate and inspire your audience https:/ to buy what you are selling.
Your content strategy will include developing your buyer personas and creating content that your customers are looking for.

Product Development

The skills and knowledge you have gained over the years has a tremendous amount of value to anyone just starting out. We help you harness that value by creating ‘value-based’ income products.
This includes on-line courses, subscription services, group coaching and more. The goal is help your brand develop multiple streams of active income.

The Creative Consultant

Hi There!
My name is Kyle and I am the founder of To The Next Step. More importantly, I am the creative consultant who is going to help you take your brand to the next level. 
I have worked in marketing for over 10 years. As a result, stuff like writing copy, creating sales funnels, and coming up with with course ideas came naturally to me. However, I have learned that this is not the case with most owners and founders. 
I can imagine it is pretty frustrating to struggle with explaining your value and story to your audience. I bet there are several marketing ideas you can’t get off the ground due to your lack of writing and marketing knowledge.
This is why I started my own Creative Direction Agency. Together, we will develop a strong branding foundation, a kick-ass content strategy and marketing copy that actually makes your customers buy what you are selling.
Plus, I can show you how to create ‘value-based’ income products such as on-line courses, subscription based services, and group coaching. It is time we take your knowledge and skill set and develop multiple streams of income for your brand.
I would love to learn more about your brand and discover ways for us to work together. Please click the button below to select a time that https// works for you.
Talk Soon,